Nick Sanders who has ridden around the world on his motorbike seven times has been named in the Queen’s birthday honours list. The 61 year old who runs the Nick Sanders Expedition Centre where bikers can meet fellow adventurers – has been awarded an MBE for services to endurance cycling and motor cycling.

The father-of-three who lives in Penegoes said: “I never thought that this kind of thing happened to people like me. I always thought that others deserve it more, like my own heroes. People like Joey Dunlop, Foggy and McGuinness. I’m really emotional about it.”

In 2005 he completed a world record motorcycle circumnavigation of the world in 19 days and four hours. He has ridden around the world seven times and rode a motorcycle the length of the Americas eight times and currently holds the record for a double transit from Alaska to Ushuaia and back which took 46 days.

The record-breaking globetrotter has just completed a motorcycle and music festival in the area and will hold others, along with motorcycle expeditions, throughout the year. His journeys have been documented in more than 70 television programmes and he has written an autobiography.