The latest Evotech Performance EP Accessory Line to surface from the Lincolnshire-based manufacturer of quality aftermarket motorcycle accessories is for the MY21 BMW Motorrad S 1000 R and its “Sport” variant. From intricate CNC-machined EP Crash Protection to humble but required EP Paddock Stand Bobbins, Evotech Performance has once again weaved its design and machining expertise to produce quality accessories to protect and underline this naked roadster’s sporting heritage.

BMW’s S 1000 R is a proven do it all motorcycle. From the first model in 2014, this naked, uber-modern muscle bike has delivered big smiles. Road or track, frenetic or subdued riding, the S 1000 R has always delivered the goods.

For 2021, the meister of Bavarian bike manufacture has fettled the older generation S 1000 RR motor to give out 164 HP with hefty midrange torque. Knocking the weight down to 199 kg also aids acceleration and top speed… where permitted. Overall, the MY21 S 1000 R is a tech and safety-filled hooligan tool of the highest order.

Making up the 13-piece Evotech Performance (MY21) is a selection of products guaranteed to put the smile on every S 1000 R owner’s face.

Evotech Performance products are fabricated and finished in-house using the latest state of the art machining processes to exacting tolerances. The quality of design and fabrication ensures precise fitting and finishing details leading to unparalleled products in terms of desire and durability.

Commenting on the BMW S 1000 R & S 1000 R Sport Accessory Lines, Dan Rack of Evotech Performance said: “Based on looks alone, you can tell the S 1000 R is designed to thrill from the word go. Those lucky enough to make the most of its acceleration and top speed will never forget that experience – the fact it also stops and goes around corners at a good lick, like a sports replica, is a bonus. It would be fair to say the fitment of any EP accessories are finishing touches to the S 1000 R.”