Following enquiries from BMW S 1000 XR / XR TE (MY20-K69) owners, Evotech Performance has launched a quality mounting system for BMW Motorrad’s accessory Nano LED Headlight system. But rather than producing an additional, standalone mounting system, the Evotech Performance design team has incorporated fitment points into component parts of a new EP Crash Protection / Light Mounting Kit manufactured specifically for BMW S 1000 XR (K69) and XR TE derivative. EP Crash Protection has a deserved reputation for minimising impact damage and the EP Crash Protection / Light Mounting Kit for the latest BMW S 1000 XR / TE performance-adventure motorcycle maintains the same design criteria of exceptional design, precisely manufactured component parts and, of course, ease of fitment. The EP Crash Protection main components are left and right, graded nylon bobbins that feature anodised aluminium central cores moulded into the high-density nylon for added strength and protection. Polyurethane washers sit between the meeting faces of the bobbins and EP CNC-machined aluminium frame mounts to help absorb initial shock loading. The frame mounts are fabricated from aerospace grade aluminium alloy and provide the mounting sites for the EP brackets upon which the BMW accessory lights attach.

As with all EP Crash protection, the system is designed to protect the motorcycle chassis and not additional accessories e.g. the Additional Nano LED Headlight Kit. The two EP mounting brackets for BMW Motorrad’s *Additional Nano LED Headlight Kit (BMW Motorrad product code: Pack-63178556937) are also produced from quality aluminium alloys (5000-series for the bracket, 6000-series for the machined boss sections, where the Nano LED Headlights locate and attach). The EP brackets fit in-line of the left and right EP crash bobbins and their respective frame mounts. Locating pins on the mounting brackets ensure they are held securely in position – the same exact mounting position of the basic BMW frame mounts were used – and any light beam adjustment is performed via the Nano LED Headlight mounts. All machined aluminium alloy component parts within the EP Crash Protection / Light Mounting Kit are finished in durable black powder coat. Supplied fasteners are quality stainless steel. The BMW Motorrad Additional Nano LED Headlight system is not available directly from Evotech Performance – to purchase, EP customers should contact their nearest BMW Motorrad dealership or specialist online BMW spares retailer.