Widely recognizable for its lines that draw a unique and captivating profile, the AIROH Mathisse helmet presents itself to the public with new and intriguing colors with a fluid and dynamic style. Since its birth in 2002, Mathisse has undergone numerous innovations and improvements, to adapt this pioneering model to the changing tastes and needs, and so in 2021 Mathisse has assumed its current conformation, complete with technologically advanced systems and able to look forward boldly.  

In view of the 2023 season, motorcycle touring enthusiasts will find Mathisse in a further renewed look with new graphics and colors. Alongside the elegant monochrome there are some new dynamic designs, with graphic elements in one or two colors, on a white, gray or black background, which thus expand the choice possibilities of the rider, who is increasingly attentive to the stylistic details of the helmet he wears, possibly in combination with the chromatic details of his bike and equipment. Having confirmed the intrinsic value in helmet engineering, the Italian company has concentrated its resources on the external look of Mathisse, enhancing its versatile and multifaceted appearance.  

«We set ourselves the goal of offering motorcyclists who are more attentive to their look a helmet with a linear and elegant but not anonymous aesthetic appearance, with character but not invasive – commented Antonio Locatelli, CEO and founder of AIROH – and thus Mathisse, in its new colors, becomes the ideal helmet to combine with your bike to get a perfectly matched motorcycle outfit».
A demanding challenge if we consider that it had to be extended to the three configurations in which the helmet can be worn.

A helmet with a multifaceted soul.
Mathisse can be worn in different driving conditions, adapting both to urban use and to touring. Versatility is undoubtedly the real strength of the Mathisse helmet, which can be worn in three different configurations to adapt to different driving and climatic conditions. The design was designed to allow the rider to easily and quickly change the configuration of the helmet with a simple wave of the hand: the innovative chin guard can rotate 180 degrees, a mechanism independent from that of the visor, stopping at the rear part of the shell, allowing the helmet to be more aerodynamic without neglecting elegance. In this way, Mathisse can be worn in different driving and climatic conditions, adapting to both urban use and touring. The rider can change the setting of the helmet at will, wearing it as a full-face helmet, so with the chin guard closed, as a “jet” with the chin guard opened, or in the third configuration without the visor, to underline a vintage-chic look.  

Prices start from €349.99 and for more information about AIRO please visit:https://www.airoh.com/