Maximum comfort on long stages and optimum ergonomics in all riding situations: the two-piece Touratech comfort seat noticeably enhances the touring capability of the Harley-Davidson Pan America. With its beefy Revolution Max 1250 engine, track-stable suspension system and generous on-board space, the Harley-Davidson Pan America is made for epic rides. But even a thoroughly successful vehicle like the Pan Am still offers plenty of scope for individualisation and optimisation. For example, when it comes to the seat: The different statures of riders alone make a compromise in the design of standard equipment unavoidable. Not so with the Touratech comfort seat. This two-part design offers riders a choice of three different heights. And no matter which version is chosen, all the benefits of this seat, which has been manufactured with proven quality craftsmanship for more than two decades, play their part.  

Seat core made of ergonomically shaped special foam For a start, there is the high-grade core made of suitable quality foam, which is specific to the model and does not lose its shape even on the longest stages. The shape of the core is anatomically optimised. This means that not only is the contour completely free of disturbing edges but the special shaping also provides efficient relief for the coccyx and supports an upright sitting position. Thanks to the ingenious shaping of the contour, the Touratech comfort seat has a reduced inner leg curve length so that the rider’s feet reach the ground more easily although the seat height remains the same.  

Seat cover with Fresh Touch technology Through bonding the foam core and the seat cover over the entire surface, these two components are prevented from shifting independently. The result is wonderfully firm seating and optimum power transmission for precise handling. In addition, Fresh Touch technology reflects the infra-red part of sunlight, which results in up to 10 degrees less heat-up of the seat. Unlike other suppliers, Touratech has been using waterproof taped seams for more than 15 years, effectively preventing the penetration of water into the foam core.  

Two-part concept with maximum compatibility Riders opting for the Touratech comfort seat retain full use of the standard height adjustment. And the Touratech developers have also given a lot of thought to the pillion seat. Here, too, a foam mixture is used that is particularly suitable for long stages. In addition, a modified contour effectively prevents the passenger from sliding forward, considerably increasing the comfort of riding with a partner. The Touratech comfort seat for the Harley-Davidson Pan America is ideally used as a set, but the rider and pillion seat are also available separately and are compatible with standard components. Further information can be found in our Webshop