The Kawasaki Z1 is undoubtedly one of the motorcycles that made history. Today, more than 50 years after its debut, the Japanese big bike from 1972 is one of the most sought-after classics and fetches many times its new price in top condition. On the Z900RS, Kawasaki employed numerous styling elements of the epochal motorbike and created a new global bestseller.

The #z900us online shop usually specialises in exclusive accessories for the riders of the classic Z models. In response to frequent customer requests, there is also an extravagant T-shirt for the current generation: “Z900RS – THE LEGEND IS BACK!” is the motto of the extra-large white print on the front, complemented by a stylised illustration of the current model. By the way, the illustration is not based on an everyday bike, but on a customised Z900RS version with a four-in-four exhaust and spoke wheels which comes even closer to the original from the Seventies.

The high-quality shirt is available from 27.50 euros in various colors and in sizes S to 3XL. They are available exclusively online at