New for 2022, SHARK Helmets unveils the SPARTAN RS: Delivering the next generation of SHARK technology, performance capabilities and outstanding safety, designed completely with the new industry safety standards in mind in accordance with ECE 22.06. An evolution of the bestselling SHARK Spartan helmet, the Spartan RS is the first SHARK helmet to be introduced following the updated safety standards, ensuring it is more protective in real-world accidents by going through even more impact testing scenarios at higher and lower speeds, more tested points on the helmet, including the visor, and any official accessories are fitted and tested to ensure they do not compromise protection.

The next generation of SHARK helmets, the Spartan RS combines a multiaxial composite shell with multi-density EPS to surpass industry requirements and provide the highest level of protection, as well as an ultra-resistant visor with a four-point anchor system, inspired by SHARK’s premium racing Race-R Pro GP helmet.

​​Combining the latest technology with over 30 years of experience, the design of SHARK’s latest sports performance helmet is inspired by high-performance sport motorcycles with its aerodynamic profile that minimises drag, buffeting and external noise caused by mid to high speeds. Inside, there’s also luxurious, perforated suede padding, along with ALVEOTECH sanitised-labelled textiles for antibacterial, anti-sweat and anti-odour properties.

From road touring and commuting to the racetrack, the full-face SHARK Spartan RS is truly versatile with exceptional optical quality and perfectly optimised ventilation. Equipped with a high-performance VZ 300 visor as featured on the Spartan GT helmet, the visor provides an optical class 1-rating with variable thickness to avoid visual distortion regardless of the angle of vision. The helmet also comes with a Pinlock 120 Max Vision® insert – the most effective anti-fog system on the market – and an internal UV380-treated sun visor. With its unique cooling performance, the Spartan RS keeps riders comfortable with a chin vent diffuser to guide air up to the visor, as well as a top vent forcing fresh air throughout the helmet via the internal channels to improve breathability and reduce the internal temperature around the skull. The rear spoiler features vents to extract the hot air.

Spartan RS: The Spartan RS is available in five colour options; glossy white, glossy black, matte black, matte grey and matte black with red accents, with an RRP £299.99. Available in sizes XS-XXL with two shell sizes that secure via a double-D ring strap.