The Shield Jeans are pinnacle of the Knox jean collection.

Now CE approved under the EN 17092 regulations to Class AAA rating; a
class normally reserved for leather suits.

The Shield Jeans are a true single layer jean with no extra mesh
lining. They look exactly like regular jeans but the Spectra® stretch
denim comes with incredible strength and durability.

The Shield Jeans are made with patent pending Spectra®
denim. Spectra ® is 40% stronger than aramid and fifteen times
stronger than steel and is one of the world’s strongest and lightest
fibres. In addition to having supreme strength, Spectra® denim
is also hypo allergenic, moisture repelling, helps you to stay cool
by drawing heat away from the body and incorporates stretch for
all day comfort.

There are invisible amour pockets with external access for easy
removal of low-profile Knox CE Micro-lock protectors in the hips and
knees that are fitted as standard.

RRP €299.99 EU.

Available from March 2021.