To celebrate 50 years of their famous ‘Z’ family, Kawasaki have gifted four of their current machines with some very fancy paint.

It’s been an incredibly long time since Kawasaki released their first ever Z; the Super Four model Z1, 50 years to be precise, and the name has thrived in recent years. Far from being consigned to classic motorbikes, the modern Z has grown into a hefty range that spans everything from learner legal 125cc machinery, to supercharged, big capacity naked brutes and even some retro middleweights that try to capture that spirit of 1972.

In order to celebrate the milestone, Kawasaki have given four bikes in their range special new colour schemes: the Z650 and Z900 get the Firecracker Red treatment. The Z650RS and Z900RS have been gifted with the Candy Diamond Brown scheme and will cost and pricing will be a tad more than the standard schemes.

All four of these special editions will be available in showrooms from March and will come with a special book that commemorates the 50 years of the brand and which won’t be available to purchase separately.