The 12th-edition Yamaha VR46 Master Camp riders started their new adventure in high spirits. Eduardo Burr (Brazilian, aged 16), Dawid Nowak (Polish, aged 14), Marc Vich (Spanish, aged 16), Krittapat Keankum (Thai, aged 18), Thurakij Buapa (Thai, aged 19), and Shoma Yamane (Japanese, aged 15) showed great enthusiasm in the morning gym session and in the flat track theory class in the afternoon, attesting to their eagerness to learn.

Arriving at the FISIO GYM in the morning, the riders were greeted by VR46 Riders Academy Director Carlo Casabianca (who is also the owner of the gym), training expert David Zuccaroli, and VR46 Academy rider Andrea Migno. For their first of two work-out sessions this week, they focused on flexibility as well as endurance, both vital in motorsport at World Championship level. The riders are expected to use the stretching techniques they learned before every riding session in order to prevent injuries and improve movability. A run at the Campo Scuola with Migno gave them an extra reminder of the necessity of training if they want to compete at the highest level.

After a lunch break in Tavullia at Bar, Ristorante e Pizzeria Da Rossi, the riders got to visit the VR46 Motor Ranch for the first time. They were keen to meet flat track instructor Marco Belli, who is affectionately known as ’King of the Sands‘ amongst Master Camp graduates. Belli came armed with footage of previous Master Camp editions and a drawing board to explain all the dos and don‘ts of flat track in his theory crash course. Though the students agreed that his explanation made it sound simple, they also all confessed that they expect their flat track riding session on Day 2 to be a challenge. 

“We already got the theoretical bit of flat track over and done with”, said Belli after his Flat Track 101 lesson.

“We used videos of previous Master Camp editions to point out tricky points on the track, and we also explained the geometry of the body and the correct techniques to interact with the motorcycle.

“We got the full attention of the riders, which we are very thankful for, but of course now they just want to start riding. So, tomorrow morning I will only do a brief chat, just to get an understanding of what they remember of the Day 1 theory lesson, and then they can start to enjoy the flat track experience aboard the motorcycle.”