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Warning: Buyer Beware

The vast majority of our users are honest and trustworthy however it is very important to exercise common sense and use the same criteria when following up on something you have found on-line as you would use if buying from a local supplier you have known for many years.

The following guidelines will help you stay safe when buying plant and equipment through our on-line classified ads:

  • Beware if the goods are cheaper than normal.(Remember if something sounds too good to be true it generally is too good to be true)
  • Beware if a seller is putting pressure on you to make a quick decision without you seeing what they are advertising, never pay a deposit for plant or equipment unless you or someone you know has seen and inspected it’s condition
  • Try to deal with people locally, who you can meet in person (this simple rule helps you avoid 99% of the safety or security issues people face)
  • Arrange a time and place you feel comfortable with
  • Meet in a well-lit, busy, public place (covered by CCTV if you want to be extra cautious).
  • Don’t meet the buyer alone if you are meeting in a public place.
  • Give somebody else the details of whom you’re meeting, and where and when you are meeting them.Keep your mobile phone with you.
  • If you are going to the seller’s home be respectful of their privacy, be aware that they don’t know you either and could be nervous that you are “casing the joint”
  • If the seller has a mobile phone number, also ask for a landline number (e.g. home or workplace phone) and address so you can make contact if there is a problem with the purchase


  • Do not pay in advance for goods, do not transfer funds electronically by way of a deposit or full payment for something you have not seen
  • Be careful about carrying large amounts of cash to pay for goods; try to use a bank draft
  • Ensure you have full access to your purchase before handing over payment
  • Never pay for goods through Western Union or other similar money transfer services.
  • Do not use any escrow company i.e. companies that will transfer money on behalf of a buyer

If you think there may be an issue with an advert please send us a quick message below to bring it to our attention.