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What makes a Harley-Davidson Original?

01 August, 2017

The Motor Company has introduced a new standard when it comes to pre owned motorcycles. When you're looking to buy a Harley-Davidson motorcycle you, quite rightly, have the highest expectations. That’s still the case even if that motorcycle has been previously worshipped by someone else. So it's good to know that every model offered for sale in Waterford Harley Davidson has been painstakingly inspected to ensure it lives up to the marques excellent standards and reputation.

Harley-Davidson Original motorcycles are only available from authorised Harley-Davidson dealerships. There is an exhaustive 99 Point Inspection before the bike goes to its new owner.

No Stone Unturned It's only a Harley-Davidson® Original motorcycle if it passes this painstakingly thorough examination. So you, the rider, have the ultimate in peace of mind as you ride the long road ahead.

It's an Original. You have it in writing.

When - and only when - your Harley-Davidson has passed every single test expected of it, a warranty will be issued. It will last for a year and mirrors the warranty that the company issue on their new machines. After that you’ll have the option to extend the warranty for a further two or three years if you wish.

Additionally when you purchase a Harley-Davidson Originals motorcycle you will also receive one year's membership to the Harley Owner's Group. This opens up a whole world of membership benefits to make the Harley-Davidson dream a way of life.

For more on this see http://waterfordharleydavidson.com/site/harley-davidson-ireland/ or ride with the dealership this coming Saturday as part of their Originals Day. To book any of the bikes contact alan@waterfordhd.com

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