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Oxford Roll Bag

15 July, 2016

Panniers on motorcycles can accommodate a fair quantity of luggage and items, however on the BMW R1200 GS Adventure the side panniers are wider than the front of the motorcycle, making filtering through traffic problematic at times. If you’re travelling over a number of days, it’s far easier to carry just one bag into your hotel after a long day’s riding as opposed to having a few inner bags from the panniers.

For my recent ten-day excursion to Garmisch-Partenkirchen I packed all my clothing into Oxford’s T70 Roll bag, utilising the top box for all my documents, spare visor and visor cleaning cloths etc. The T70 bag as the name suggests can accommodate up to 70 litres of luggage, for my 10-day trip there is ample room for an abundance of clothing. It comes with four straps to secure the bag to your motorcycle, there is a velcro strap on the underside which you wrap around the rear seat. This is an awkward process with a full bag, if the bag came with a separate strap to secure around the rear seat, that the bag could be attached to this would save time. Once seated on the rear seat and tied down securely with the four straps the bag remains stable at all times. It’s constructed out of durable materials with welded seams and is fully waterproof, so no worries about arriving at your destination with damp clothing. It also has a padded shoulder strap for carrying when not on the motorcycle.

For shorter trips the bag size can be reduced by simply rolling the top closed and adjusting the closing latches. Further information is available by visiting www.oxfordproducts.com

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